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From Downtown Pittsburgh Route 28 and Interstate 80

Heading north from downtown Pittsburgh: Normally, we'd tell you to take Route 28 North on Pittsburgh’s North Shore and continue for about five miles and take the exit marked "Route 8 North/Butler."

However, the access ramp from Rt. 28 to Rt. 8 is under construction, which requires motorists to detour through the crowded town of Etna until picking up Rt. 8 North a mile further on.

This detour is fine unless you're trying to get here during rush hour. If so, we suggest you take Rt. 279 North from Pittsburgh. (Go to the section that says "From Interstate 79" for further details.)

If you do decide to take the Rt. 28/Rt. 8 route, then once you get on Rt. 8 after going through Etna, proceed north for about 13 miles until you come to the intersection with Route 910.

From the intersection at Route 910 and Rt. 8, go north about 8/10 of a mile.

About 100 yards after the traffic light for Dickey Road, turn right where you see the directional arrow for the Red Belt and Bakerstown Road.

Go a half mile to the stop sign in Bakerstown and turn right onto the Red Belt, heading east.

Drive for two miles to the next stop sign. (There will be a tire company at that intersection.) Go through the stop sign and drive exactly a half mile.

We are on the right hand side, but you cannot see us from the road. We have a large wooden sign that says "Sun and Cricket Farm."

Heading south from Kittanning/Interstate 80 and points northeast:

If heading west on I-80, get off at the Brookville exit and continue south on two-lane Route 28, through Kittanning. After Kittanning, Route 28 becomes a limited access four-lane highway. Drive south about 15 miles and get off at the Millerstown exit.

At the end of the ramp, turn right onto Millerstown Road (Rt. 908). Drive about five miles until you come to Millerstown.

The Red Belt will merge onto Rt. 908 in Millerstown. Follow the Red Belt signs for about two miles until you come to the stop sign in Culmerville, which is identified by a two-pump gas station with a "Culmerville'' sign over the pumps.

Continue straight on the Red Belt for 3.5 miles until you see woods line both sides of the road. Our paved, private drive will be on the left, under the wooden sign for "Sun and Cricket Farm."